How do you come out of Toxic Friendships?

come out of Toxic Friendships

If you are searching for something like this, it obviously gives a hint that you are not comfortable in your friendship, or maybe the person whom you are trying to help could be facing a tough time. Well, let’s remind that any relationship in this world can be great, when you are comfortable with each … Read more

Are Your Friends Taking Advantage Of You?

Friends Taking Advantage Of You

Do you ever feel alone in spite of having a good friend whom you have been giving a lot of time? Maybe you ended up thinking your friend might be too busy to lend an ear, and tried to engross in other activities while that lone feel is still bothering you. And, you would definitely … Read more

Overall Wellness Starts When the Inner Trauma is Healed

A happy girl, indicating inner wellness

Is it okay if you are physically fine but mentally sick? Then, how can we make sound decisions? Is it okay if you are mentally strong but physically weak? But, then how can we enjoy what we have? Overall Wellness is what people wish for. Being physically well or mentally well alone is never sufficient. … Read more

Relationship Counselling Online

Relationship Counselling Online

It is often said that, “If you want a relationship that is most amazing thing on the Earth; you need to treat it like it is the most amazing thing on the Earth.” Any relationship on the Earth is sustained only till we behave properly. Once we start taking it for granted, it just stays … Read more

Is Teen Love Real? | Teenage Relationships

Is Teen Love Real

Teens have many crazy feelings as they get into their world of dominant hormones. Is it very commonly observed that teens are influenced by their peers, get into relationships, plan for romantic dates, have crushes, just go crazy on some brands or sports etc. when they find themselves as some grownups. Everything of such sort … Read more

Why do we Seek Pleasures? | Chemistry Behind Happiness and Pleasure Seeking

Why do we Seek Pleasures

The Human body needs food, air, and water to survive. While to live a happy and comfortable life, we need to satisfy our pleasures too. Watching a flower bloom, a rainbow after a good rain, the smell of first rain showers, the beauty of this nature gives pleasure to our senses. Satisfying the needs of … Read more

How to say No to a Friend? | Say No to a Good Friend Without Feeling Guilty

How to say No to a Friend

Saying a No and being Guilt-free could be so tough and painful that cannot be escaped, lived with or even forgotten. Friends may come up with requests like some favor, a drive, maybe some loan or a help, but saying a no can be really difficult. The fears of losing opportunities like facing them again, … Read more

How to Overcome Lust? | What is lust? |What causes lust in the brain?

How to Overcome Lust

Being the emotional beings, we have all kinds of emotions like affection, attraction, love and lust. What happens if a person continues to eat for hours together though his hunger was satiated an hour back? What if he continues this habit? Well, there comes digestive problems, obesity and heart problems etc., etc., you know the … Read more

Tips to Handle Personal Relationships at Workplace | Workplace Relationships

Handle Personal Relationships at Workplace

Personal and Professional worlds are two different arenas which are never supposed to be mixed up. When it happens that some personal relationships are formed at the office, care has to be taken so that they won’t affect the professional life of any person involved. Career and the workplace should always be prioritized and the … Read more

Tips to build and maintain a great Mother-Son relationship

A Mother and her Son

Mother and son relationship is the combo of some emotion and fun with a tinge of surprise. With the changes in times, the relation between a mother and son is also getting refined in all ways. Mothers are expected to be more liberal, while sons are expected to be more empathetic. Well, studies say that … Read more