How do you come out of Toxic Friendships?

If you are searching for something like this, it obviously gives a hint that you are not comfortable in your friendship, or maybe the person whom you are trying to help could be facing a tough time. Well, let’s remind that any relationship in this world can be great, when you are comfortable with each … Read more

Are Your Friends Taking Advantage Of You?

Do you ever feel alone in spite of having a good friend whom you have been giving a lot of time? Maybe you ended up thinking your friend might be too busy to lend an ear, and tried to engross in other activities while that lone feel is still bothering you. And, you would definitely … Read more

Overall Wellness Starts When the Inner Trauma is Healed

Is it okay if you are physically fine but mentally sick? Then, how can we make sound decisions? Is it okay if you are mentally strong but physically weak? But, then how can we enjoy what we have? Overall Wellness is what people wish for. Being physically well or mentally well alone is never sufficient. … Read more

Causes, Risk Factors and the Ways to Cope Chronic Grief | Prolonged Grief

Grief is a natural emotion that gets triggered when we experience a severe emotional trauma. Chronic grief or prolonged grief is the state of having grief for a longer time period, while acute grief stays for a shorter period. Chronic grief results in suffering for long time which disturbs the sufferer in all ways. The … Read more

The stages that a grieving person goes through

Experiencing grief is as natural as any other human emotion. Grief is a kind of reaction to the loss incurred. Sobbing, wailing, whining etc. are the ways in which one vents out the grief through crying tears. Every individual has personally unique ways to experience and also to express grief.Grief doesn’t merely involve looking back … Read more

Nature of grief

Grief is the normal internal feeling one experiences in reaction to a loss, while bereavement is the state of experiencing that loss. Although people often suffer emotional pain in response to loss of anything that is very important to them (for example, a job, a friendship or other relationship, one’s sense of safety, a home), grief usually … Read more

Nature of Grief | How does grief end?

Grief is an internal feeling that an individual experiences in reaction to a loss. Bereavement is the state of experiencing that loss. People often sufferemotional pain when they lose anything that is very important to them (for example, a job, a friendship or other relationship, one’s sense of safety, a home). But grief is usually experienced at … Read more

Relationship Counseling Online

It is often said that, “If you want a relationship that is most amazing thing on the Earth; you need to treat it like it is the most amazing thing on the Earth.” Any relationship on the Earth is sustained only till we behave properly. Once we start taking it for granted, it just stays … Read more

Online Family counselling

It is often said that “ A circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love is called a family, which is gifted by god”. Family is where the home is. The tranquility that makes the mind rest with complete trust and happiness is what a family ensures. When the peace of such a beautiful … Read more

Online Counselling

Online counselling has been gaining focus since recent years, as the usage of internet is spreading wide. Use of online counselling is getting more because of social media and online business and virtual employment. With the extensive usage of smart phones and with the ease of video calling, online conversations have become the most convenient … Read more