Is phone addiction destroying your relationship? How to overcome it?

Husband engrossed in phone, wife wondering why

Are you the one who is available primarily online rather than offline? Do you see life as a bunch of busy days? Does the time without the internet or smartphone seem so stupid to you? Then you are undoubtedly under the trap of the internet. Many call this mobile addiction. Though you are not one … Read more

How to regain the lost trust in the relationship?

Infdelity in relationships | regaining trust

Relationships are based on trust. As trust is the foundation for any relationship, regaining the lost trust is challenging. If the trust is shattered, it is evident for anyone to feel the ground shaken. Whether it is infidelity between a couple, cheating in friendship, and backstabbing in business or brotherhood, when trust is broken, the … Read more

How to deal with lies in a Relationship?

Is your partner telling lies often?

It is a common scenario to see someone or the other lying in our daily lives. Nobody bothers if this is a white or harmless lie. But what if our partner lies to us often? What if the relationship gets strained because of these lies? What if your peace is lost? Yes, lies in a … Read more

What is ghosting in a Relationship – How to react?

Relationship Issues

Ghosting in relationships has been among the essential topics of concern these days. It is a way of ending a relationship by stopping all communication with them without any prior information. Ghosting in a relationship refers to one-sided access to the person causing the dissolution of the relationship, either suddenly or gradually. Ghosting is commonly … Read more

5 Signs that your marriage is falling apart

Relationship Issues

Not all romantic stories end with the phrase “they lived happily ever after”. Many of them end in divorce. When you find some signs that your marriage is falling apart, it is important to act as early as possible. However, marriages never break up from scratch. Before a divorce, the relationship in a couple begins … Read more

Loneliness despite Relationship | Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

We sometimes feel lonely, though we have our life’s love and family around us. Many people can’t even identify this and suffer feeling something lacking and wondering what went wrong. Loneliness despite relationship is more or less the commonly identified issue in these days. First of all, if you’re here to read this article, it … Read more

Why does Wearing a Mask Trigger Unpleasant Emotions?

This has been a new uncomfortable experience for us. Wearing a mask is a bit irritating and uncomfortable but inevitable for us now. That experience of fresh air striking on our face or inhaling that naked smell of fresh flowers on the street, has now to be done through a screen, making us irkedand you … Read more

Why am I unable to Say it Out? | I Want to Shout loud, but Can’t, Why?

We sometimes come across some people who cannot say it out what’s going on in their mind. If you are one among them, don’t worry, you are not alone! There are many out there who chose to keep silent though lava of words is running in their head. Choosing silence over words may be good … Read more

Side-Effects of Coronavirus on the Mental health

The whole world has been undergoing the havoc that Coronavirus has created for us. This pandemic has not only created that dreaded effect on us, but it has also crept in our minds leading to some side-effects that most of us are unaware of. During the times of Pandemics such as Corona Virus outbreak, people … Read more

I Asked for Help instead of Cutting Myself | Ask for Help

People have different emotions, different feelings and thoughts for different things. Though we all exist in the same world, we all have different individual experiences that result in different emotions. Each of us perceives the world around us in our own way. Whenever we try to estimate the situations with our capabilities, we sometimes tend … Read more