How to Deal with Forgetfulness? | Forgetfulness in Students |Forgetful Behavior

“How could you forget it?” “What do you mean, I forgot?” is how we question others when we just get puzzled on the opinion that something cannot be forgotten. But still there are circumstances that we come across when people tend to forget. The students, who read to acquire knowledge for more time than others, … Read more

How does Reinforcement work in Learning? | Will Reinforcement Foster Memory in Children?

A child can be made to learn in many ways. Knowingly or unknowingly, many of the parents follow the reinforcement techniques in order to make the child learn good behavior. Reinforcement Reinforcement is strengthening of a new response by its repeated association with a stimulus. An important component of the learning process is the schedule … Read more

Learning Techniques for Students | How to Improve Learning Skills?

There are certain factors that determine the study habits of the students. When these habits are taken care of, the attention and the learning skills of the students gets improved. Attention Attention refers to how we actively process specific information in our environment. At this time, while you read this, there are numerous sights, sounds … Read more