Bullying at schools | Effects of Bullying

Bullying is an aggressive and typically repeated behavior by a child. Commenting and teasing as a part of making fun would be tolerable and enjoyable only to a very very limited extent. When that limit gets crossed, the person who bullies will be the reason for hurting others and would end up in making this … Read more

Ways to fight your fears | How to Overcome Fear

Fears are irrational beliefs that we have about ourselves, our actions, objects, other people or events. These fears only appear to be real within the recesses of our minds; however they have absolutely no basis in reality. Those may be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change or fear of public speaking etc. … Read more

Anger Management for Children

Anyone can become angry and that is easy. But being angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way this is the main concern, which is not easy. Anger is like any other normal human emotion and can range from mild irritation … Read more

Anger management in Adults | Controlling Anger

It is easy for anyone to be angry. But the actual task lies in being angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way. The stressors of life such as having financial issues, housing problems or difficulties in relationships, could trigger the … Read more

How to Improve Memory in Studies? | How to Memorize Well?

Most of the students work hard and study well, but some of them have poor memory and forget soon, due to which their scores get reduced. After having shared some study skills on how to improve your attention and concentration, here are numerous techniques and study skills for the students to excel in their studies … Read more

Tips on Writing Skills that Help Students | Note-taking ideas |Writing Skills to Save Your Time

Students should be aware of the writing skills that are needed to be possessed in classroom while taking notes, simultaneously while listening to the class. Here are some techniques for promoting academic writing skills. Promoting academic writing skills It is a common scenario that students take notes while the teacher takes class, so that they … Read more

How to Improve Attention and Concentration in Studies?

Many students suffer distractions and lack of concentration in studies. Here are the study skills that the students can practice to improve their concentration and attention levels. Introduction to study skills Study skills are approaches applied to learning. They are very important for success in school, for attaining good grades, and useful for learning throughout … Read more

Smart Reading Techniques for Students

Students work hard during exams and tend to read a lot for memorizing the material. Whereas some students work smartly by following certain study skills like improving attention and giving a good read to thematerial, through which they can memorize the whole thing easily. So, reading the material also requires some techniques to be followed … Read more

Tips to Study Well | Study habits for Students

Students like to achieve good grades and work hard to prove their best. While some students study a lot throughout the year, some give a daily brush up but don’t push themselves. Some might open their books just before the exams. However, a student’s main aim is to gain good knowledge about the subject and … Read more

Tips to Develop Good Learning Habits | How to Improve Study Skills? | How should be a Student’s Attitude Towards Learning

Attitude is a predisposition which determines and directs our behaviour. We tend to develop different attitudes from our childhood about the people around us, the objects and everything we come across. Our attitude towards something, often decides our behaviour which may be positive or negative. For example: The various attitudes of students observed in a … Read more