A client of ours chooses to share some experience. And .. here it goes…

I lost a person who was very close to my heart, my father. We shared a very special bond. I had a really hard time coping with the fact that he is no more. I started focusing more on my work as an escape. And now after 4 years of his loss, I developed signs of clinical depression.  People around me think that this is a choice that I have made. That, I have chosen to suffer. All of this made me believe that its real and I started hating myself for being like this until I sought professional help. My psychologist told me that it’s not a choice that I have made, it just happened to me. I felt so light after hearing this. I am taking baby steps towards recovery now. When I took three steps forward towards recovery from depression, it made me take four steps back again. But now, I have more experience of managing it. I am working on my way to be more compassionate about myself.

Depression can make you feel worthless and hopeless. That’s the main symptom of it. But that’s not true. It makes you think about situations in a very negative way. You as a person are not negative; it’s because of depression that you think like that. Professional help will make you learn about healthy ways of looking at things. Depression is an illness just like any other physical illness. If you have a broken ankle and are dying of pain, how would you feel when someone says to you that it’s all in your head? Support from friends and family is essential, it greatly helps in recovery.


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