How important are our emotions to us?

They mean a world to each one of us because it is these very emotions that decide the way we feel, act and behave.

Man is a social animal…a very clichéd but extremely true statement.  We are subject to diverse range of emotions because of our interactions with people hailing from diverse walks of life.  We love a few; we gel well with a few, have conflicts with a few and hate a few.  We tend to think about a few very intensely to the extent that they start ruling our lives and our very existence.  Sometimes, the person is pushed into states of confusion, anger, depression or anxiety.  How would you deal with such situations?  As a layman, you would be perplexed with the predicament you have been pushed into.

But, there is nothing to worry as we have the Psychologists who can help us with our emotional problems and psychological distress.  Again a but!  When do you get to meet a psychologist?  You need to take a prior appointment.  And what if it is not convenient for you at that particular time?  You continue to battle with your emotional issue, feeling even more frustrated than earlier.  Putting an end to all such appointment issues, traffic issues and time issues, we have the online/chat therapy which brings in expert advice to your finger tips and into your hands!

Yes, online therapy can take place on the World Wide Web and even on your smart phone.  This is the boon that the technological advancements have bestowed on us humans.  You may be on your working tour or pleasure tour.  You can still stay in touch with your Psychologist to deal with your condition.

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How is Online/Chat Therapy an ideal solution?

  1. Compared to the conventional therapy where the client had to go for a face to face session with the counsellor or therapist this contemporary therapy does not call for a face to face session. There is absolute anonymity maintained as long as the counselling session lasts.
  2. Visiting a Counsellor is not a stigma in the West. But in the Eastern countries, people still feel extremely conscious about visiting a counsellor for the simple reason that they get branded by their friends and coworkers.  In online therapy, nobody gets to know that you are actually in contact with a counsellor and are taking psychological help.
  3. When you visit the clinic of the Psychologist or Counsellor, there is always a risk that you may bump into a known person. You do not wish this to happen.  You can even go unnoticed by others when you are actively chatting with your Psychologist.

Online Counselling – Your trusted friend at a click!! W | Wellness Hub

  1. You are putting off all the glitches involved with driving, traffic and parking. You can chat with your therapist from the comfort of your place.  In short, your therapist is available in your pocket.  This translates into cost and time effectiveness too.
  2. When you are visiting a Psychologist, you must meet him at a stipulated time that has been mentioned to you. What if you are not in the mood to go up to meet him?  You have to reschedule your appointment.  Your Counsellor may not be very happy about it.  But, with online therapy, you can do it at your convenience and at a comfortable pace.
  3. You will perhaps not want to disturb your Counsellor at an unearthly hour when you are in deep distress. But, regardless of the time, you can get expert help through online therapy as the experts are available round the clock.
  4. When you are visiting a Psychologist, he is the only expert whom you can meet. But in Online therapy, in case you are dissatisfied with a specific psychologist you can immediately switch over to another for, there will be a panel of psychologists available online who will be ready to listen to you and help you out of your distress.


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Online/Chat therapy indeed is a revelation and a major shift in the field of extending psychological help to those who are in serious need.

This facility not only pulls them out of the delicate situation of getting stigmatized by their colleagues, family or friends, but also gives them the comfort and reassurance that total anonymity and complete confidentiality is maintained throughout.

Next time you wish to resolve your anger bouts issue or your depression related problems do not worry about taking an appointment with a counsellor.  Instead, sign up with a reliable online therapist as they are also equal to the offline experts and do not compromise on matters of extending psychological help to their patients.

Prof. Madhu Kosuri

I have completed 30 years of teaching and research in psychology at the Department of Psychology and Parapsychology, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India.

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